Bisexual Yesterday. Today. And Tomorrow. – HER

Bisexual Yesterday. Today. And Tomorrow. – HER


Bisexual last night. Now. And the next day. This is the theme for a delightful new venture that’s just starting to flow the interwebs. It is providing those people that identify as Bisexual a platform to scream their unique Bi-Pride through the rooftops (well technically, YouTube, you get the concept).

Being Bi within the LGBTQI neighborhood is often considered a stigma strengthened with statements like:


Bi-Sexuals are simply just nymphos!

You’re matchmaking one? So…you’re straight today?

Bi-Sexuality is just a phase.

You’re Bi? Are you into threesomes?

You have only dated one sex, how are you currently bi-sexual?

You’re puzzled!


Is this actual life? Evidently, and that’s a shame! To help prove these, and so a number of other statements completely wrong, the hash label


was developed and it is taking off! #StillBisexual is actually a «confessional-style» movie campaign which out to shed some light on myth that Bisexuals do not



The video clips are manufactured silently through handwritten subject cards that unveil individuals’ matchmaking histories, discuss their particular original ideas on sexual identity, and show just how other people have actually reacted once they was released as Bi, an such like. These video clips definitely struck residence, response some questions about just what it’s like to be bisexual. Additionally they teach some useful lessons for those who are willing to discover all of them.

This campaign desires to buy one thing straight â€“ bisexuals tend to be


experiencing a phase. They might be


confused. They just should
end up being the B in LGBTQI
. They want to end up being known and accepted in a residential district definitely currently combating so hard to own equivalent liberties.

Those who identify as bisexual receive virtually just as much discrimination inside the LGBTQI area while they do during the directly community, whenever might know about end up being trying for is acceptance and understanding no matter the person you like!

At HER, a judgment-free zone, we really do not tolerate any discrimination. If a person is available discriminating against other individuals, they are reported. Analyze similar people for friendship and sometimes even some thing a lot more. Might feel right at house about queer and
bisexual dating app
. Start exploring immediately!

Here is some meals for idea on this subject lovely time! Check #StillBisexual’s

included video clip

and maintain their unique





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